You can download the card game Autarki for free!

On this page, we provide you with various versions and languages. If you want the complete package in English, click here:


The English version is still new, and so far only cards and manual are translated.

If you want the original German package with additional materials, you can download it here:


Alternatively, download the individual files by clicking on the links below!

The game

The card game Autarki consists of 15 sheets in black and white, two-sided, format DinA4.

The game manual

Background information

The game Autarki is based on an extensive research project on sustainable food and energy production. The more detailled results are presented in this background document, which is also suitable as a teaching material in schools. So far, only a German version is available.

Flyer and Poster

We would like to make Autarki available to as many environmental groups and schools as possible. Yet first, we need to inform them about it! Here you find our newest flyers, small presentation cards and a poster about the game - so far only in German.

  • Flyer in color - good as an e-mail attachment!
  • Cards with our website address
  • Poster format DinA1


Tips for printing

We made good experiences with printing the card sheets on recycled paper with a thickness of 250 g/m².

Of course it is also possible to print the cards on normal thin paper and laminate them. But take care that they do not become see-through - players shouldn’t be able to guess which cool action cards you have just from looking at the backside…

Please try to print the cards as environmentally friendly as possible! There are many certificates and lables for paper (e.g. Blauer Engel or FSC), more information in German is available for example here.

Printing the two-sided cards:

The three different types of card (challenges, action and building cards) have different backs. This makes playing a lot easier, yet you need to pay attention to this when printing.

If you can print two-sided pages, download version 1 and choose the option “mirror on long edge” when printing.

Das Spiel

If you cannot print two-sided pages, download version 2. Now you can print all the fronts for each type of card, put the cards back (make sure you get the orientation right!) into the printer and print the respective different backs.
Alternatively, it is often possible to use version 1 and select “print all odd pages” (the fronts) first, then “print all even pages” (the backs) afterwards.

Own Versions

You want to develop new versions of Autarki? Great!
Here you can download the game materials as libre-office-files that can be edited easily. Would you like to create individual expansion sheets, change the design, translate Autarki into other languages or make it colorful? Feel free to send us your creations! If you want, we can also publish them here in your name!

Creative Commons

The card game Autarki as well as all other materials, texts and pictures published on this website are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License. Simplified, this means they must not be used commercially, but can be redistributed, as long the original authors (Simone Krüger and Martina Hillbrand) as well as these license terms are referenced. Moreover, the game can be adapted, as long as any changes are marked as such when it is redistributed. The valid terms of the license are given here.

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